1. Qualification Screening

Completed applications are screened to assure that the eligibility requirements and minimum qualifications are met, specifically confirming quantitative measures (GRE, English proficiency, and GPAs) as set forth in the VEF 2.0 Program Announcement. Qualified applicants will be recommended for the First-Round Interview.

2. First-Round Interview

The VEF 2.0 Program invites VEF Alumni and other Vietnamese professors and professionals, to conduct an online interview in English. The most qualified candidates will receive letters of recommendation from the interviewers, and proceed to the Final Interview with U.S. professors.

3. Final Interview

The final interviews with prominent U.S. professors are mostly conducted online. The best candidates who are deemed able to successfully apply for graduate programs at U.S. universities will receive the letters of recommendation from the interviewing U.S. professors.

4. Applying to U.S. graduate schools

The VEF 2.0 Program helps the successful candidates to apply to U.S. universities through a university application orientation, together with regular advising sessions. The candidates will also receive continuous support and mentoring from the network of VEF Fellows and Scholars who studied or are studying at leading U.S. universities.